Sliding one leaf up to 130 kg Sliding 

Two leaves up to 90 kg per leaf 


  • Equipment manufactured in Japan with the highest quality standards
  • Brushless DC motor supports up to 90 kg leaves in the case of double leaves and 130 kg in the case of single leaves,
  • Motion sensors with the highest technology in the world,
  • It is necessary to contemplate a TRABE or simulate it with blacksmithing to be able to fix the complete cabinet.
  • The cabinet is delivered ready to install. All you have to do is join the trolley brackets on the surface of its leaves, fix the cabinet, place the sensor on the outside and turn it on.


RC15T15 two-leaf equipment: 


  • Aluminum rail and cover up to 5.00 meters long in anodized finish required (sheet no larger than 90 kg) 
  • DC motor SH15TC speeds 35cm to 55 cm/sec. brushless 
  • HM15K3 microcomputer adjustment capacity of waiting time, closing speed, distance before closing. 
  • Double bearing forklifts 
  • IRM203 Sensor Combined with safety curtain (microwave and infrared) 
  • Sensor Rits MS730 adjustable antenna (microwave) 
  • Toothed band with fiber bristles inside 
  • Nylon Covered Steel Bumpers, Switch 
  • Packaged floor guides 
  • Assembled and tested up to 90% in the workshop, ready for installation.