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herralum portable clothesline

herralum portable clothesline

The HERRALUM Hidden Clothesline has a compact design ready for installation, one package contains all the pieces necessary to place it.

For installation, you must first choose the place where you will use the Hidden Clothesline and then you can secure it with 4 screws and wall plugs, 2 on the right and 2 on the left.


steps to install herralum portable clotheslinesteps to install herralum portable clotheslineportable clothesline steps to install herralum

01. Determine the place where you want to install the product and superimpose it on the wall to mark the installation holes with a pencil.

02. Drill the marked locations with the appropriate drill bit.

03. Insert the wall plugs into the holes using a hammer.

04. Place the product again, locating the holes in the wall.

05. Tighten the screws, trapping the product with the plugs and using a screwdriver or cordless drill.

06. The installation of the Hidden Clothesline is completed.