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Door closer technical sheet

Herralum door closers

Maximum Adjustable Weight from 60 to 85kg
SKU: 1013085

-For left and right opening doors, adjustable closing and closing speed, for home or commercial use.

-Adjustable: with two independent valves you can control both the speed of sweeping movement and the speed of closing the capture.

-Self-adjustable to adapt to your needs.

-Choose the return closing speed to suit the environment in which the closer is placed.

Standard Installation

Installation to the Jamb

Parallel installation

The body is installed in the door and the arm is attached to its counterframe.
The body is installed in the jamb of the door counterframe and the arm is attached to the door.
The body is installed on the door and the arm is attached to the bottom of the door frame.


Package Included:
Create a quiet environment
Suitable place to install it:

1 silver door closer

6 metal screws

1 swing arm

1 connecting arm nut

1 installation manual

The hydraulic door closer has advanced damping function to prevent noise caused by vigorous door closing and strong wind

Perfect for parents who have naughty children like pushing doors.

Ideal for pet owners whose dogs like to push doors.

Stop the noise of slamming doors. Protection against damage.

Ideal for use in the home, office, sheds, ranch and light office.